Blitz//Berlin: "I just want to drink 'til I can't think straight"

Hey, you. Yeah, you. Don't listen to this. Eh, it's winter break; give it a spin.

For a little over two months, Blitz//Berlin's three-song mixtape lay low, a sleeper agent in my library. I'd brushed it off lightly in mid-October, after finding it uninspiring and too Dommin x Metro Station x AFI. Unfortunately, I have a soft spot for dark goth-y, pop punk, and local music machines.

"Drink" opens broodingly, Martin's voice crushing every subordinate in its path. With a hint of wobble, the evident electro-influence slides right into arena-style "Outside". "I love you on the outside," a deep voice proclaims into the stadium, interspersed with gang chants of "oh whoa oh, oh". But my personal favourite is "Legend", its message hitting close to home: "You can't be everything to everyone"; we all have those people in our lives.

I stand my ground on the three power ballads being Dommin-esque but to Blitz//Berlin's credit, its varied instrumentation is bold and engaging on second listen. So let it sit a while and don't think on it too much, but I assure you, this untitled (self-titled?) mixtape will be your go-to by spring equinox.

Martin, Casey, Dean, and Tristan are currently working on the score for directors The Vicious Brothers's upcoming The Visitors, a sci-fi where the aliens "do not come in peace". Conflict-seeking extraterrestrials in a sci-fi? Groundbreaking.