we all came from dust

Hi, I’m Jo.

... a hopeless idealist, a pragmatic optimist, and an honest hypocrite who has been spinning crap waxing poetic for as long as I can remember. A sound junkie who also happens to be a classically-trained pianist, flutist, bassist, vocalist, and percussionist, I played vibraphone in my middle-school jazz band, where I received my semi-suggestive Insta handle. I was born elsewhere, but grew up in a colourful inner-city district before moving to Toronto's outskirts. As of 2013, however, I’ve taken on a second home: the charmingly agreeable San Francisco Bay where I received my public education and am currently working as a litigation assistant.

As for this blog, it no longer operates predictably although it's been around for ages. From 2007-2009, this page bled red, white, and black -- it was a hockey blog titled Hearts That Bleed, built on Blogger’s Minima template, the then-crumbling Ottawa Senators roster, and the ensuing rumblings of a sixth grader. For a brief, awkward year after, Forgetting Anna housed a triple-threat blend of Canadian music news, hockey qualms, and the poetry of an angsty, suburban youth. Following yet another wipeout and revamp in 2010, this page has primarily featured music coverage with a local and national focus. Although its new name lends itself to EDM, Drop me in the middle covers everything. Thanks for reading, eh?