Does not wear Forever 21

I should talk less at you, but my days are dull; Oakville’s an uneventful town. Then again, I rarely spend time there, save for school.

Thursday afternoon, a bunch of us drove to Toronto. When I say “a bunch of us”, I don’t mean “the girls”- I mean “the dad, the sister, the cousin, and the aunt”. (It seems my cousin’s getting old or something, because he left yesterday for university.) We dropped by Service Ontario at 777 Bay St. to apply for a Health Card, and then headed toward the Eaton Centre.

I met a rapper on the way, by the name of Greedy Pockets. I’m pretty supportive of local acts, and love when artists hit the streets to promote, so I ended up with a snazzy paper sleeve and self-issued disc for $5. It became one of the only purchases of the day, alongside a printer, and two drinks at Starbucks. (By the way, don’t try to give Starbucks employees $100 bills for $6 purchases.) Oh, and the rapper? He’s just pretty amazing.

(Greedy Pockets on Facebook)
Friday was a birthday party. This time with “the girls”. A short trip to Mapleview Mall, during which we had the new DQ mini-size Blizzard- which although is good on the first bite, is way too sweet to finish. Forever 21 was deemed to be of dismal quality, and hand sanitizer was purchased at a sickly smelling Bath & Body Works. I’m rather skeptic about mall stores. We dropped by PharmaPlus on the way back, picking up an issue of Cosmopolitan some nail polish. I now have blue and green to go with my black, white, red, and my horrendous array of pinks and purples. After a couple rounds of “Identity Crisis” (what a great card game), “Step Up” and “Step Up 2” were the movies for the night/next morning.

Saturday. Slept for about 6 hours, until noon. Then we walked to Burlington Mall, bought shoes, school supplies, and visited the pet shop. Watched “The Matrix” upon return, and then bid goodbye to the cleaned mess of the previous night. As if three movies in a day weren’t enough, I went to the theatre that night to see a fourth, this time with the cousin. “Inception” was mindblowing, apart from the forever nagging thought: “Poor girl, she’s just like, randomly there with a bunch of 30+ guys”.

Finalement, dimanche. Did absolutely nothing, while the cousin left for his new rent place. I watched the movie that I wanted to see, but missed while I was in China: Salt; you gotta love Angelina Jolie.

Listening to: “I Like It” by Enrique Inglesias. I need to go get some good reading…