The 6th generation iPod nano

I’m a little upset.

Since losing my 3rd gen iPod nano to the peril of university boys at Queen’s, Mommy has been asking me if I want a new iPod Touch. I’d consistently respond with a defiant shake of head. I hated those things; I simply did not have the patience to work with a touchscreen. I wasn’t fond of the then 4th gen iPod nano- the shake and shuffle, the turn to cover flow features were a complete turn-off. I was equally dissatisfied with the 5th gen, convinced that the video quality had to be awful and must use up a lot of storage. It was in the last two weeks that I realized that I`d be best off getting the classic.

It was my love of the click wheel and a simple interface. When I heard that the new nano was square again, my hopes soared. That`s when I saw it. The little screen; no buttons to be seen, save for volume and hold. It was simple, alright- no video playback, no camera, but it was is my worst nightmare: a touchscreen on a nano. They might as well call it the iPod Touchster or something.

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