Ceremonial DJ

Boredom is an initiator
She's creating where it's not needed
For lack of interest on a night like this
He's turning up the synth
Grinding up the wall and the only grid
Hovering on the other side
An odd one out
So she takes up the offer
She takes up the hit
Absolving the boredom
In a a lemon-scented passenger seat
He started nothing
He never hurt anyone

The friend on the dance floor
Is doing a switch
The story of all that is
Created where creation is not needed
From lack of interest on a night like this
She took up the hit
Switch, brother, switch

Disappearing Hope

I haven’t seen Hope for a while now,
Everyone’s gone away.
It’s the last day of February,
And everything is dead to me.

There is no sky above my head,
Just empty weight crushing down.
The air I breathe without oxygen,
So different from what it was like then.

What I think is a memory,
There is no substance to it,
A scrape in a hole, in a wall.
The wall has grown very tall.

And then the walls fall down,
But nobody cares to see,
What’s going on around them and it makes you think,
Is it them, or just your company?

The snow’s melting outside,
An early spring this year;
Somewhat uncharacteristic of downtown Toronto,
But it’s always just as unpredictable.

I watch as two kids make snow angels,
As their mom rolls a snowball tiredly.
Poor parent, she is all alone,
I wonder if she’s an overworked single parent, prone.

Prone to her children’s wishes,
Like I am to strangers, to anyone who expects.
I hate myself sometimes,
And really: what is it like to die?