My Darkest Days' debut release

(preorder today or buy tomorrow)
I'd been slightly excited for this. (I hate to say it, but Matt is Brad Walst's brother). "Porn Star Dancing" had been an amazing single. I went off on a whim to go see if there are those 30 second preview clips for pre-orders; there were, and they were revealing.

I would never imagine that they'd sound so much like... err, Faber Drive. That first single is by far the most original, most driven song on the album. The only interesting altitude is singer-songwriter Jessie James on the track "Come Undone", and that only makes more of a pop-sound. I am now slightly disappointed.

Don't let that discourage you from checking it out, though. This self-titled debut has some neat folk roots, synth/dance-floor-style vocals, and catchy guitar melodies. The songs aren't coming close to being a hockey anthem, but I haven't yet heard Canadian rock quite like it.