This is what happened on Tuesday

Yesterday was registration, so being the crazy (not yet) lady that I am, I biked.

Apparently there was a little miscommunication between me and my parents, because when my body finally decided to wake up, it was 8:30am. After hopping in and out of the shower and grabbing breakfast, I enter the garage to find my bike behind our van. Thanks for uncharacteristically driving the sedan and not thinking to move my bike for me, Daddy. I end up doing some vertical flip with my bike to avoid scratching the car and was down the street, sans cell phone or watch. The most relaxed stretch of the trip. Total elapsed time: 1h 30m.

By the time I got to school (what's that?), there was a line a good ways down the hall. I couldn't expect much of that; I mean, it was maybe 70 students long. Unfortunately, I underestimated- which by my estimations then was completely impossible- I ended up waiting a two frustrating hours (who needs school, anyways?) before actually going through the registration process. Total elapsed time: 3h 30min.

I'd told Mommy that I'd drop by Oakville Place afterward and figured that if I'd already biked over an hour to get where I was, I might as well spend some time out in East Oakville anyway. The hike over the QE was horrendous in the noontime sun. I hadn't been to that mall for a while, and when I got there, I knew why. I think I spent a good hour or two trying to find something I really liked, then giving up cause I'm cheap and don't like my "graphic tees" saying "AERO" on them- I mean, really, those are branded tees, not graphic tees. Total elapsed time: 2h.

Why are there never clocks in the mall?

Completely lost and disappointed, I decided to do what I do best: explore. Unwilling to pedal back to the sunburned street, I took a road into a residential area in the general direction of home. I hate when roads and sidewalks end without warning. At least I found a nice little foot path under the highway. A 10 minute stroll next to a silent construction site and a lot of "FLASH YOUR TITTIES" graffiti, I found myself next to a cemetery and roaring traffic. Total elapsed time: 30min.

I still hadn't had lunch yet; my Timmies' muffin from Oakville Place left untouched, save for a bite. It was kinda, sorta squished, and I found a bench on Kerr Street to refuel. (I've been told that Kerr Street is Oakville's "ghetto", but I think the town could do better.) I obeyed the "no skateboarding/rollerblading/bicycling" signs- unlike in the morning- and walked my bike down a couple of blocks; I hadn't actually been in the area before. Total elapsed time: 1h.

The time was off my mind until I got to the library. To my alarm, it was 5PM. Shit, Mommy's probably calling everyone I know. I did get myself some reading- albeit in the form of girly/fantasy novels, and "Alexander". Yippee; Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, and Jared Leto. Total elapsed time: 30min.

(from left to right: Jared Leto, Val Kilmer, Angelina Jolie, Oliver Stone, Rosario Dawson, Colin Farrell)
With a couple pounds of material in my bag (which was a drawstring Adidas number), I couldn't quite sit on my bike without the bottom of the bag skimming the tire. Resisting the bite of the string wearing into my shoulders, I stood the rest of the way home. My parents: "You could've called! I called the only number I could find. And how'd you ride your bike? There's no air in the tires!" I realized there wasn't enough air about 15 minutes after departure, but didn't want to turn back. Secondly, that number? A classmate whom I'd done a project with but barely knew. His mom then called a bunch of other people, asking if they'd seen me at school. Total elapsed time: 30min.

As for my first semester schedule, I have: a spare period; Math; Science; Fashion; Civics and Careers; but no lunch.

That evening, I read an entire novel, put Hollerado's Record in a Bag on continuous repeat, and ate a quarter of a watermelon. Apart from the sore butt, inability to contact anyone, and the torture marks inflicted upon me by my bag, it was a pretty good day. In a town where nothing happens, you gotta make your own events.

Mommy told me I was never biking that far again.