This is why I'm not a fashion blogger

Honestly, children.
Silly Bandz
Last Sunday, I came across a sign taped to the door of a local Dollarama store exclaiming in orange highlighter: “NO MORE SILLY BANDZ”. (Without a camera, unfortunately.)

Would someone care to tell me what the purpose these things serve? They do not work as hair elastics, they are not attractive bracelets, and they are a potential choking hazard. (Not to mention a waste of plastic, money, and time- hell, you have to drive to store, then drive back and remove packaging.) They now come in Bieber shapes. I just don't understand the fascination.

Fall 2010: Dolman Tops and Metallic Nails

Lace; $32.50 GUESS
Sweater; $44.50 American Eagle   Hoody; $32 American Apparel
Licorice; Loophole; and Shifting Power; $8 Essie
Prep Yourself Contest
I returned to Polyvore, but I was still at a loss when it came to creating a set. So I went straight for the contests. Below is an entry to the latest Tommy Hilfiger one. Personally, I don't shop there; their clothes seem rather victimized by the logo. Otherwise, the quality's great and the styles are timeless.

Tommy Hilfiger Entry


  1. LOLZ I thought silly bands were lame until the summer when I got a whole bunch from campers I worked with so I like them, but I've never personally bought a pair myself, but I can kind of see the attraction to them, but some people go crazy with it. (That was a really long sentence)

  2. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on the magic or something, but those moments quickly pass. I can understand why they'd be fun to give, share and trade; kinda like kandi, except less attractive and original.

  3. I know what you mean, I feel the same way about stuff like that and then the fad fades away and you feel happy you didn't waste your time or money with it. I feel they're more for younger kids than for older teens and what not.