U2 Cover on Disturbed's Latest Album

(Skip to 1:35). As much as I think this is hilarious, I'm really growing to like it. For me, it's much more listenable than the original. David Draiman's rough vocals sound almost joyous atop vibrato riffs. I walked into the Eaton Centre's HMV on Monday hoping to get the record, but couldn't find a deluxe version. (buy Asylum on iTunes) This version also contains several live recordings of earlier singles.
Me: "Do you know if this Asylum is the same as the iTunes version?"
Employee: "Um..."
Me: "Cause I know they did a cover of "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", and it's ridiculous."
I just got a blank stare. Favourite track: "The Infection".

The album is rather mainstream, completely departing from their Down With The Sickness days. As an owner of Ten Thousand Fists, I can say that mainstream Disturbed gets tired after a few listens; I left the regular edition on the shelf and spent my money on a new outfit. It also happened to be Brazilian Day, so I joined the festivities on a closed Yonge Street.

Jacket: Vertigo Paris