"Chrysalis" by Daedalean Complex

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Origin: Quebec, QC, Canada
Genre: goth, industrial, metal

This underground act has undergone many lineup changes, but remains to be one of the country's most recognized cult-metal groups. I came across them around May, downloaded their first album off their site, and took an instant liking.

art by Herr Nox (download the debut)
"Deus Ex": An atmospheric intro that really screams potential.

"...Machina": Although I'm not a big fan of the distortion on vocals, they make for a neat effect.

"Far Beyond": The guitar riff is wonderful- creepy, memorable, and a perfect companion to the hollow screams on the offbeat. I can't get over how simple the melody is, because the effectiveness really shines through; four minutes of familiarity with no tiredness.

"Chrysalis": And I'm in love. From the guitar intro to the throaty growls of "we are", it's a great, light piece. While owning dark tones, there is no overwhelming, indecipherable noise; Herr Nox's vocals just will make you "lose control".

"Cut'N'Bleed": This song starts of like any generic rock song with a basic drum beat. Actually, most of their songs do, the guitar and vocals take the listener by surprise. (In this case, it's a good surprise.) The buildups are clever and the production is exquisite, especially for a lesser-known band like DC.

"Sea of Lust": Beginning with a string line gives it a whole other feel. Not before long, a bass line creeps in, and you'd expect full-blown drums. They enter with the vocals, which are tame in contrast to the rest of the album. The instrumentals take a well-deserved front stage.

"Virtual Faith": The cyclic intro/outro is one of my favourite parts of the album; it's a very gritty, straightforward piece.

"Under a Rain of Ashes": Toning it down again with some interesting effects to conclude.

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