Hot Panda's "How Come I'm Dead?"

I came across this band half a year ago on the front page of MapleMusic, intrigued by the offer of "free hot sauce" with every preorder. Tempting, but I didn't take it up. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I find today that Hot Panda is this week's free single on iTunes ("Start Making Sense").

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Release date: October 12th, 2010
Origin: Edmonton, AB, Canada
Genre: indie, electronic

"Evil Nature" and "Clever Fox" are brilliant tracks with dark atmospheres that add to the overall effect of the album, while "Mindlessnesslessness" gets the award for longest single-word title and catchiest melodic theme. How Come I'm Dead? is original, creative, and fresh. Listeners will not be disappointed.

I personally don't believe in purchasing full digital albums, but after some serious contemplation... all 13 spiffy tracks are in my iTunes library. This is one indie record I definitely enjoyed through and through. If you like what you hear, follow their blog with updates from the road!