"To have no particular interest or concern"

That's putting it quite nicely. Which is exactly what frontman Angelo Aita told the media, when they asked about the album title. For a band that has yet to really break into the industry, they sure sell that confidence well.
"It means that even if people don't like what we're doing or think we should give up, we don't care; we're going to keep doing it for ourselves. Everything we do is for us, not anyone else. And that's what Geeving is all about."
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Release date: October 5th, 2010
Genre: Metalcore, synthpop

Fresh-sounding, enjoyable, but not very radio-friendly. It has some serious potential, at least. I know they won me over after appearing on disBAND- to be honest, I only stayed on that channel for longer than 5 minutes because I did a double take on Greig Nori's "Die Young, Live Free" shirt. (Andrew Stricko has the same one, s'all.) This is one album I am planning to go out and buy, sometime; hopefully before Christmas.