Cardiology and War

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I've always enjoyed Good Charlotte, as out of place as their music seemed in my library. This latest record is sounding good thus far, a step forward while the sound of "The Motivation Proclamation" and "Little Things" from their debut remains. They're predictable; never disappointing because of that.

I hadn't expected much out of the band back then, when I listened to "The River" because M. Shadows and Synyster Gates contributed. I'll admit that I like their parts of that song better, but eventually decided to purchase Good Charlotte.

Also being made available tomorrow is the re-release of 30 Seconds To Mars's This Is War, which I'm not sure is available on iTunes. The additions will include their two BBC Radio covers, "Stronger" and "Bad Romance", as well as their collaboration with Kanye West, "Hurricane". (There were two versions of the song; the one on the original album is void of Kanye's part due to legal issues.)

A DVD for this deluxe edition will have their two released music videos- whatever happened to "This Is War"?- and some exculsive footage. (link to official post)