TIFF: Tim Burton

Tim Burton @ TIFF Lightbox
Guess who's in Toronto? (by Sean Douglas)
Yesterday afternoon, director/artist Tim Burton made an appearance at the Bell Lightbox in Toronto to open a 16-week exhibit celebrating all of his wacky, dark, whimsical work thus far. Some of his greatest films include "Sweeney Todd: The Demon on Barber Street", "Edward Scissorhands", and the recent "Alice In Wonderland".

Burton: "I never really went to a museum. A wax museum, maybe. I felt like it was an out-of-body experience. Like, there's your dirty socks hanging on the wall. There's something strange about it.

"I'm not dead yet. Hopefully there's still more to come."
This opening weekend, the city will have the opportunity to experience a 36-hour film marathon- The Burton Blitz. The exhibit itself at the Museum of Modern Art will run from November 26th, 2010 to April 17th, 2011. (info and tickets)


  1. i absolutely love tim burton he is an absolute genius

  2. I heard parts of the interview when I was in town yesterday. I love how in this modern era of corporate stewardship of "franchises" that tends to water down the end result, he remains one of the few directors who has such a strong signature through all his work.

    Here's to more Burton creations in the years to come.