Latest from Plain White T's and Natasha B.

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Was it really half a decade ago when these guys broke the charts with "Hey There Delilah"? Man, did I hate that song as a 10 year old. My feelings toward that single and Every Second Counts haven't changed much since, but the inexplicable fury decreased alongside its airplay frequency.

"Irrational Anthem" provides a wonderful, pop-punky opening to their sixth release, Wonders of the Younger. The album retains Plain White T's sweet vocals and accompaniments. Interestingly, their guitarist takes up lead vocals on the first single, "Rhythm of Love".

We haven't heard too much of them recently, but this light, radio-friendly album holds many potential pop hits. Second-half tracks "Broken Record" and "Cirque dans la rue" keep it fresh and fun, while the title track concludes as a power ballad.

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Natasha Bedingfield continues to gravitate into mainstream pop with this release. I love the album art, although it follows suit with the new GaGa phase. Her voice will never lose its soul, though. "All I Need" is one Kevin Rudolf collaboration that I'm not particularly impressed with, but the following track, "Strip Me" is sure to climb the charts.