Swim At Your Own Risk EP

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Release date: December 28th, 2010
Genre: alternative rock, pop punk

"This Love": For a self-proclaimed high school pop punk band, there is a surprisingly distinct glam-rock ingredient to the group. From the start to finish of this EP, Say Silence experiences an unfortunate gravitation towards generic pop punk. While "The Ride" is good, it doesn't render nearly as unique as "This Love" or "Caged In".

"Caged In": This was the first song I heard by the Maryland fivesome. The funky, metallic guitar and slower tempo make it my personal favourite on the self-produced release.

"Be Careful What You Wish For": Although the accompanying bass and drumline are at a frenzied speed, they don't distract from a wonderful opening and pleasant vocals. The bridge employs an interesting use of (presumably) computer-generated effects.

"Tonight": There's some use of echo effect on this track, which I've never been a fan of. Otherwise it's as sweet as vocalist Kenny Clarkson's genre-specific whine can get. The guitar refrains get a little repetitive but are well executed nonetheless.

"The Ride": Resilient crash and ride cymbals force the vocals into a rather insignificant state through the verse. The line "thrust into a cluster of vivid imagination" is the only that stands out and the entire song has a vibe similar to Good Charlotte. The highlight is definitely the instrumental interlude during which the sparkly cymbals diminish to a basic, feel-good rhythm.