Crash Parallel extends release date

For an album that was expected October of last year, we've received minimal updates from these five Mississaugans (sp?).

The studio version of "Still Won't Let You Go" premiered yesterday.

The upcoming Sunset In Reverse will be released on February 8th, as per the Crash Parallel's official site. (Where the fan photos and news are now difficult to access, if possible at all). With a new drummer in tow- Johnny Vitellaro left to spend more time with his family- and keyboardist Rob Bezanson to track on this album, I'm looking forward to it.

With a definite pop rock style, Tim Edward's mature, albeit mildly flat voice, truly allows use of the adjective "pretty" for their music. A fair amount of local airplay was achieved with (debut) World We Know just over two years ago, and the band has since toured with the likes of Collective Soul and Goo Goo Dolls. They're a treat live, if you've the chance.

This single was released a year ago, but should be on the album.