"The Living End" from Onyx

not on iTunes yet, but you can preorder it here
Release date: February 14th, 2011
Genre: symphonic goth metal

Excuse this short rant on symphonic goth- why must it always be women? If you were familiar with the genre, you may or may not be familiar with my problem with it. It's not sexism, simply that upwards of 80% are female vocalists. The fuse of orchestral techniques and atmospheric apocalypse are heart wrenching.

Ava Inferi are one of my favourites with female vocals. Based in Portugal and founded by former Mayhem guitarist Rune Eriksen, they've released a prolific three albums in the last five years. Prolific, because none of them are lacking in any way. Carmen Simões voice comes of nasally sometimes, but is opera-like strong.

"The Living End", which can be downloaded via this article, sounds promising when compared to Blood of Bacchus.

It begins with a confident flurry of drum and a single riff, in the manner of Haydn's "Surprise Symphony", then transcends to a wave of sound. The pattern continues for a couple minutes until drummer João Samora gives way to Simões lament. Interlaced are deep choral male vocals, making for a very listenable 7-minute track.

While Ava Inferi's first two records, Burdens and The Silhouette were engaging, I found that their 2009 album just wasn't as interesting. We'll have to wait to hear how Onyx is.