Geotic's "Unwind" / Why Are We Whispering

I came across said track a few weeks ago on Pitchfork, and haven't yet been able to pause in its duration. Geotic is the side project of Baths (aka Will Wiesenfeld). In contrast to Baths, the solely instrumental tracks are symphonic and flowing; none of this erratic looping we hear in pieces like "Cerulean" or "Hall".

Mend is the fifth full-length album from the tamer, not-quite-so-urgent side of Wiesenfeld, released in January 2011. Download "Unwind" and read Pitchfork's review or get the album in its entirety from the project's official site.

The "Why Are We Whispering" remix involves British Columbian rapper iSH and European producer Don Diablo. It's arguably better than the already adorable original.