Mat Joly ends his stay with Mobile

photo by Henry Chan (2007)
via Mat Joly on Facebook: It is obviousy been a tough descision to make but the time has come for me to explore new adventures. I've been working on a solo album for a little while and I am planning on putting all my thoughts and energy on it. The last 15 years have been quite a ride and I will remember all these great moments for the rest of my life.

I would love to thank my friends and bandmates for their support, we share amazing memories and I am proud of everything we acheived during our time together. Dom, Frank, Pierre, Criq and Martin thank you guys we should be proud of ourselves.
This abrupt news makes me sufficiently sad, because while they weren't major like INXS or anyone, I thought they were "perfect" how they were. (I mean, thank god Beady Eye chose a new name, for they will never be Oasis.)

As for myself? The combination of Mat and the boys were undeniably one of the quiet, underlying highlights of Canadian music in the last decade. All the best to you, sir.