Amy Kuney releases "Gasoline" video

The first music video from beloved Tulsa, Oklahoma's gal, Amy Kuney, recorded in support of the mess BP made early last year in the Gulf of Mexico. The Deepwater Horizon spill is currently generating funds for early restoration projects, in case you environmentalists have been distracted by Japan's recent nuclear crisis.

It's been a long week, after returning to the suburbs Monday evening. Folk-sextet Cherryholmes were fantastic in Chicago, but it was Zola Jesus who rocked the trip. At the moment, I'm mourning a dear family member (and a 1994 beige Honda Accord, my only possession of equal age). Funnily enough, my online non-science science course for next year has been cancelled, allowing me to eliminate the entire subject area from my schedule future.

Update on SGD

Tulsa-project no. 2 to report is Stars Go Dim's upcoming sophomore disc, titled Between Here and Now. If you think I've been promoting an abnormal amount of these guys, I'll like to have you know that it's paid off. Compared to the original 200 fans they'd amounted at their conception over three years ago, their Facebook numbers have now surpassed 30,000. I feel like a certain pride's gone missing... oh yeah, they want you on their next album cover.