Projectionists at work

Quiet hands,
charged with electricity;
let them reach out and heal this planet.
Smartly, stirring, and slowly shifting,
swiftly set into motion on a spinning reel.

After a prolonged windy, wet start to spring, Toronto will finally see sunshine. The best part about it is the stained air, a result of endless rainwater evaporating from the depths of our lawns. The following albums emulate it perfectly:

Beacons (Last Gang)
Released June 2nd, 2009
Recommended tracks: "Wildfires", "Thunderlove", "Make It Gold"
Origin: Toronto, Canada
Go (XL Recordings)
Released April 6th, 2010
Recommended tracks: "Sinking Friendships", "Kolniður", "Hengilás"
Origin: Iceland

Through its more traditional forms, baroque pop intertwines the warmth of string arrangements, hazy twee, and soulful vocal melodies. If it were embodied by a person, they would be unimaginably introverted and difficult to interact with. Wait, check out Braids's Native Speaker as well.

My sweet sixteen gift from mom + sis

05.17: Cute effort, girls, but that is very minimal space.