Seapony debut, Go With Me (+STREAM)

Danny Rowland (guitar), Jen Weidl (vocals), and Ian Brewer (bass)
The Seattle-based trio picked up a modest following earlier on in the year with the release of lead single "Dreaming", a hazy two-minute piece with a persistent-to-the-point-of-no-return riff. A resonating, syncopated drum beat fills the rest of the void and before you know it, the track is over.

Clever, really- compelling your listeners to put your tune on repeat. (And truthfully, this is not difficult considering it's strong opening and fade-out, characteristic of almost every song on the album.) Beachcombing is the activity that immediately comes to mind, based equally on the sunny mood, breezy vocals, and artwork prompt.

Go With Me is a sure component to any summer playlist or idle winter hibernation. It's the kind of album you either lay out in the open or hole up with. "Into The Sea" revolves around a second major riff, hauntingly similar to "Dreaming", but hey- when attached to a theme, lowering it an interval is always a good idea. This method is exhibited in "I Really Do" and "Go Away", both built on the same rhythmic idea.

Which is why when "Always" starts off with a percussive intro and slightly different guitar, there's critical relief. Minimalism is observed through it's lyrics, proclaiming always together nonstop. Whatever's necessary to establish a relationship, I suppose. "So Low" round up the upbeat, social half of the album with overproduced handclaps. From there on, the tone mellows, putting emphasis on the atmosphere that was always there, but previously overwhelmed by sparkly repetition. We got a sample of this in "I Never Would".

Made evident by the likes of "Where We Go" is the simple, predictable songwriting. At least it's cute. Wistful, even. Seapony, intentionally or not, will appeal to younger audiences- the sort of artsy, nature-loving crowd who definitely won't be playing Go With Me during dinner with their awkward neighbour. Unconvinced? Go outside, lie down in a shady patch of grass and give her a spin! Recommended: "Blue Star", "Into The Sea", "Always", "What You See".

Release date: May 31st, 2011
Genre: dream pop, dance-punk, shoegaze, indie

Track list
01 Dreaming (mp3)
02 I Never Would
03 Blue Star (mp3)
04 Into the Sea
05 I Really Do
06 Go Away
07 Always
08 So Low
09 What You See
10 Nobody Knows
11 Where We Go
12 With You
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