Burlington's 26th Sound of Music Festival

Starting off with Gentlemen Husbands. From left: Ryan Hutcheson, Deaner Farrell, Jed Atkinson, Rick Ballard.
The Reason on Friday evening. From left: Cubby, Adam White, Ronson Armstrong, Steve Kiely, Mike Caputo.
Canadian supergroup Crash Karma playing the 9PM slot from backstage. Mike Turner (left), Edwin Ghazal.
These Kids Wear Crowns in the afternoon heat. From left: Joe Porter, Matt Vink, Alan Poettcker, Alex Johnson, Gypsy.
Saturday autotune hipsters, STEREOS. From left: Aaron Verdonk, Pat Kordyback, Miles Holmwood, Daniel Johnson.
Prince Edward Island newcomers, Paper Lions. From left: David MacDonald, Colin Buchanan, John MacPhee, Rob MacPhee.
Set change time.
Holler-fucking-ado swinging from telephone line. From left: Jake Boyd, Nixon Boyd, Dean Baxter, Menno Versteeg.
Dave Monks (left), and Josh Hook of Tokyo Police Club headlining the weekend, from behind.
Finale = party time.
All photos taken by myself; full set here. Visit the BSoMF site.