Innerpartysystem on "indefinite hiatus"

In their newsletter yesterday, the trio said this.
innerpartysystem is going on indefinite hiatus. We aren't breaking up nor do we hate each other. As a matter of fact, we are all great friends. BROTHERS. Our experiences with this band and the people we've met over the past 6 years have shaped us into who we are today. We will without a doubt look back on these times with nothing but positive thoughts and feelings.

While we will always treasure our time as innerpartysystem, we as individuals have chosen a path different from the one the band originally set out on. We can't stress enough that this is a very positive move for us. As we've grown, we want to move on to new projects that keep us excited about making music. Such is life. We promise, there will be music coming from all 3 of us separately, at some point.

They're playing three last shows (for now) as follows:
August 26th @ Building 24, Reading, PA
August 27th @ Outdoor Show, Hoboken, NJ
August 28th @ Bluebird Theatre, Denver, CO

I really don't have much to say. I love Innerpartysystem, but this was so civil. I'm left feeling calm rather than disappointed, especially knowing that Jared, Patrick, and Kris each are very talented and likely to do just as well in other projects/solo work. It'd be good to see the group back in a few years.