Getting inspired: Menswear Monday?

Of all the style blogs I visit on a regularly basis- trust me, it's a neat, limited list-'s regular feature on the boys is the thing I look forward to most every week. I figure it's probably the grunge that looks so marvelously "I don't give a care" on these Ann Demeulemeester models (I'll be looking into her designs from now on, thank you) .

A few weeks back, there was one dedicated to pretty boy Jared Leto (how could I nearly forget about him?) and his fabulous everything. But mostly the inspiration posts, where Lauren tends to include more guys than most street style blogs... not to mention a shoutout to Crystal Castles in this one; a spike jacket to die for (granted, on a woman); stuff like this; Harry Potter (say what?).

I applied all my accumulated knowledge on Wednnesday of last week in a minimalist outfit. I think comfort is my favourite aspect of fashion borrowed from the boys. No dumb bangles, rings or goddamn hair clips involved.
blouse: Liz Claiborne; jeans: GUESS; boots: Payless (no joke); jade Buddha necklace: a gift from my aunt. Yay, this blog for getting the blurry photo rejects. Blurry photos don't cut it for the other side.

So much Crystal Castles; so little time! Music-and-tribute-video-in-one made up of RFAD clips. How tragically, appropriately grunge/rad.