Happy in love with Prinzhorn Dance School

"we take the sounds in our heads and record them. if people like it, great. if not, oh well." – tobin prinz

Some days in an abandoned church, Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn come together to create this disgustingly attractive, percussive variant of avant-garde. Signed five years ago, the duo took on the name of German psychiatrist, Hans Prinzhorn, and released their self titled debut, Prinzhorn Dance School. I'm equally disturbed by the sound of their snare drum and metallic, tangy bass and guitars; hair-raising stuff.

Reznor-like rhythms are repeated until eerie on their previous "Seed, Crop, Harvest", but the hooks are divine. Tobin's low vocals compete joyfully with Suzi's deliberately annunciated punk-infused bubble gum voice (think Katie White). If you'll excuse the cliche, there's a fine line between marvelously creepy and creepily marvelous. I'd say Prinzhorn Dance School are hitting the sweet spot.

Here's "Happy In Bits", their latest music video and first single from Clay Class coming on January 30th, 2011.