RE-discoveries: The Strokes, Incubus, and some JT

Now that exams are over, I've a pocket a time today before I leave for Calgary (check out my minimalist packing agenda over at fashion for the soul). Feeling a little nostalgic and not knowing what to do with myself, I picked up a couple of albums from the decade behind us. It's strange to think the 2000s are dead and gone when the 90s are so desperately missed. Below are three of such rediscovered masterpieces, followed by an upcoming one that I finally decided to allocate some necessary attention to.

Pitchfork reviews The Strokes's Room on Fire, 2003

The beginning of our generation's indie rock explosion, Julian Casablancas and his gang led the east coast, while Brandon Flowers won the jackpot out of Vegas with Hot Fuss. The genre had yet to be treacherously combined with shoegaze style, fuzzy guitar had yet to give way to electronic elements. The Strokes have been relatively well with a garage rock sound, a slight surf pop twang ("Automatic Stop"), and they're still playful as ever (compare "Meet Me In The Bathroom" with "Under Cover Of Darkness").

Incubus, circa 2000, Make Yourself and Morning View specifically. "The Warmth" resonates marvelously, and "Warning" has been a long-standing favourite music video of mine.

It's been five years since Justin Timberlake's last complete album. I mean, "Carry Out" was fantastic and all, but the musicality of the interludes "I Think She Knows" (skip to 3:28), "Comes Around", and the "Set the Mood" prelude deserve to be studied in future music history textbooks. I realize that they were largely the work of Timbaland, who has also faded into the woodwork as of late, but c'mon JT--you're past due. Take a break from the big screen.

Let's return to 2012, shall we? Courtesy of 4AD--"Obedear" (mp3) by Purity Ring