Let's get lost.

scarf and blazer: thrifted; top: H&M; skinnies:
Levi's; boots: Minnetonka's; bag: Naturalizer
All these crazy people in my life are writing essays for scholarships, and I'm sitting here wasting away to the track above, making a packing list, reading Radical Simplicity, and wondering if higher education is an ecologically responsible choice, like I'm the Lorax a million years old.

When I first started this blog, I was 11, and my first post was (what I considered, then) a provocative look at the childhood horror of the school principle making a personal visit to your classroom to discuss self-abuse and cutting. And something about my saying nothing.

This weekend, I learned how to drive, swerving around those daredevil squirrels. (The poor things get scrawnier each year.) To the left is a grainy photo of me at the Go Global Expo last weekend, where I realized that LA and Montreal are my best bets to escape the sea of students in sweatpants.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!