Nothing happens and then everything happens

It's days like these when the news puts a damper on my ability to write something funny and sardonic. I can't even hide in my usual optimistic naive tone. It's days like these when my face drains of colour and my mind empties of thought. It all seemed to have been going so well, when, like a caffeine high abruptly stopping, the bubble bursts and a million shards of glass flutter down around your head, defying all logic. Glass does not flutter, confetti does. But confetti does not have the same piercing effect. The effect is more sobering than it is painful. Moments like these, I am mentally paralyzed.

Forced to think before I act, and quite frankly, I think too much, I fail to act. Like my fellow companions, I appear impassive and remain a bystander. Evil triumphs when good people do nothing. We are good people, right? Are we good people hereafter?

It's been such an upsetting, tumultuous week. Photo source and news.