MUSIC: new flesh, Old Bones, and tears on our bodies

I'm not one for true love and marriage, but I've been sitting on this cache for a while now. The treasure? The Medicine Hat, who describe themselves as "the sound of falling in love". But unlike the elusive sound of one hand clapping, Old Bones's magic is audible and made real by folk-induced guitar and a beautiful vocal meld between Nabi and Tyler Berche.

The musical couple wed and debuted their musical baby, this album, in June of this year. Old Bones is meant to chronicle the early stages of their relationship, but its nine tracks remain wild and wanting -- but domestic.

"I think we could be a good thing", Nabi insists on the title track. "I think we could work out," she sings, alternating between airy pleas and deeper certainties. All the while, keyboardist Aaron Hoffman and drummer Michael Boyd keep an upbeat, driving accompaniment. The addition of accordion on songs like "Going", a departure song, provide a baroque element, while the use of familiar thematics on songs like "All These Eyes", an acutely self-aware outro, evoke child's play, twirling marionettes on a stage.

Twinkly synth and a river music element are spot on in "Spits Out the Light". By that "river music element", I'm speaking of a repeating, straight, natural V-I chord resolution, dear to most baroque pop and happy campers. I'm particularly drawn by "Bodies", whose syncopated piano ostinato and bass hook magically align with each chorus when it comes around, but seem to do their own thing elsewhere.

"Our bodies are only save souls, skin and skeletons... such a gentle touch... [tears] there they fall from your eyes to the dreams that cover your body... I watched you when you cry... I don't mock the pain you feel; my tears are on their way... well my drumbeat continues to play... all I wanna know is the truth."

I've been sitting on this album for a couple of weeks and it's time you all take a listen. Five of nine tracks can be downloaded via The Medicine Hat's label, Sonic Bids, but show your support by purchasing the rest of the album or attend a show: the Toronto Area natives will be playing at Rancho Relaxo this Thursday, November 14th. Don't forget to RSVP on Facebook!