14/01/17 WEEKLY ROUNDUP: London Grammar, KALEIDA, DJ DJ Booth, Ninetails

This week's the British edition, so grab your english tea, sit back, and start the weekend off right with London Grammar's powerful rendering of "Strong" at their American TV debut on Wednesday's Late Night. These UK babes will be flying into Dallas in early March for SXSW, the start of a month-long US tour promoting their debut album, If You Wait. (Five charted singles on that one, kids. Five.) Y'all had better get your tix now.


We dug "Think", but this ├╝ber-talented London-based power duo's latest, "Tropea" is game, set and match. Instrumentalist Cicely Goulder keeps it light and bubbly, while her counterpart, Christina Wood adds airy, but certain vocals: "Wait here, I see heaven". Released during November and December respectively, we're anxious for the debut EP Christina Wood and Cicely Goulder should be releasing any time now, as it was originally due at the end of last year. You can grab both tracks via their soundcloud.

Kaleida will be playing at the Notting Hill Arts Club in London on January 23rd.


I've somehow managed to come this far without mentioning Capital Cities, of whom I've been an avid fan of since their 2011 EP. Anyways, I bring them up because whenever I hear a distinctive brass section, I like to inaccurately attribute the trend to Capital Cities. That's what the horn part (it starts around 1:30) in "Radiant Hex" by Liverpool's Ninetails makes us think of; perhaps if Yeasayer remixed some Capital Cities, which would be pretty cool.

"Radiant Hex" is certainly a progressive departure from Slept and Did Not Sleep (2012). Its presence is noticeably louder with a gradual crescendo to full volume, but the track maintains the same overall soft manner Ninetails likes to maintain. Their new disc, appropriately named Quiet Confidence, is scheduled for March 10th via Pond Life. We're not sure what they're up to on this one, but we trust in its brass section excellence.


So we're stealing this one from the guys over at YVYNYL, but Globodigital's Tom Burnz and Steve Smith have got us tripping happy. And of course, this work of art is made possible by DJ DJ Booth, who "likes Todd Edwards and The Neptunes". (And yes, it took us a minute to determine that he is calling himself "DJ Booth".) Can you go higher?