Digits announces new EP, premieres lead single

Toronto's treasured electronica maestro, Alt Altman (aka Digits) has made waves on home turf and abroad, with icy synth hits such as "Lost Dream" and "Love Is Only Affection." It's been a fair while since his last official album, so a new EP was due, but the uncharacteristically sunny and incandescently happy "When You Look Inside" threw everyone, myself included, for a loop.

Its production is not Altman's tightest and its relatively simple, no-frills accompaniment makes "When You Look Inside" prone to genre-lumping. Into the dream pop pool, at that. But perhaps we're just cainotophobic, because sunsoaked Digits isn't half-bad. Amid the forthright lyrics and the uplifting broken chords, is this ice king thawing? How unexpected.

The remaining three-quarters of The Day You Look Back is available June 10th. Digits appears Thursday night at Toronto's Adelaide Hall, and then embarks on a brief Canadian tour with St. Vincent.