A day in the park: #HBHP, Great Heart Festival, NXNE

The Horseshoe, 2PM: A brief chat with Royal Tusk; interview coming soon at The B-Side.
The Horseshoe, 3PM: Rah Rah. PS. Happy Birthday Hidden Pony!
Queen West, 4PM: NXNE venues all over the city. Pride is a real presence, too.
Trinity Bellwoods, 4PM: We're young hearts, look at us go.
Trinity Bellwoods, 4PM: Great Heart Festival begins after an unexpected shutdown the previous day.
Trinity Bellwoods, 5PM: Queen of the Fleet.
Trinity Bellwoods, 6PM: Old Man Canyon.
St. James Cathedral, 7PM: The clock tolls.
St. James Cathedral, 7PM: Snowmine.
St. James Cathedral, 7PM: It was their first time in the city.
St. James Cathedral, 7PM: But they'd already captured me in San Francisco.
Yonge Dundas Square, 9PM: St. Vincent.
Yonge Dundas Square, 10PM: Good night, pseudo-Times Square.