14/07/27 WEEKLY ROUNDUP: The Tallest Tree, Young Summer, and Simian Mobile Disco

Running on the beach this morning / I found out that shells come in plastic bags... this week is the "hi, I'm cute and domestic" edition. Because no matter how punk or ratchet or math metal you are, there's something magical about sparkly synth and simplified rhythms.


The owners of an indie-rock outfit and another picturesque love story, Dawn Larsh met Armanda Vega when his band from Mexico City was touring. Now based in Dundas, ON, The Tallest Tree has released "Boat" and its playful, DIY-looking music video. (No word on who their possible third member is.) It's playful, catchy, and its vocal harmonies are spot on... sort of like HIGHS but more twee.

(PS. The intro lyric is from this one.)


Capitol Hill flower Young Summer (real name Bobbie Allen) is due to release a glowing debut on August 26th. Here's the title track from said record, a sweet piano-centred piece atop simple, yet formulaically syncopated drumbeat; it's pretty smooth driving from the start -- something you don't forget about a person. This is the same singer responsible for earlier Hype Machine hit, "Waves That Rolled You Under."


I'm going to be honest, I think much of North America disregarded Unpatterns (2009) and in doing so, forgot about this smashing British analogue duo. (Yes, "smashing" will occur more often and naturally when discussing anything English.)

When Simian Mobile Disco reappeared on the scene with "Tangents," and a fourth full-length, Whorl, I was confused by its optimism and warmth. Name you, it is still their cold, impersonal-sounding Attack Decay Sustain Release (2007) that has found the most success in Canada. Next to this debut, "Tangents" is downright dreamy / a sparkly, distracted score to a brilliant meteor shower. It comes in peace.