City and the Sea rock out with new single, "Venture"

City and the Sea, or CATS as the band has dubbed themselves, play some mean rock 'n' roll. Aside from slightly young, pop-punk sounding vocals that will certainly mature over time, the Hamilton-based unit has its key features locked down: toughly-conceived guitars, an unapologetic percussionist, a solid bass line, and the right attitude. They're "hell bent" on bringing back the glory of classic rock and they're making a good case for it.

After three locally-absorbed and nationally-acknowledged EPs, CATS has released "Venture" to bridge the gap between Action Figures (2013) and whatever is coming next. It'll be immediately followed by the B-side of the single come September, that's for sure, but is a debut full-length in the works? One can speculate, given the band's appreciable success four years in-the-making. View the video below and download the single, at your price.