Fink stays literal with "Looking Too Closely" video

photo by Tommy Lance

DJ / singer-songwriter Fin Greenall is the tour-de-force behind Fink, a UK-based trio rendering beautifully-arranged folk pop. "Looking Too Closely," the lead single from the band's upcoming Hard Believer, out July 7th via Ninja Tune Records, received its video today. Directed by Wolf&Lamm, the music video focuses in and out on close-ups of the band members and nature stills. It's an ardent example of visual word-painting and the camera eventually zooms out to reveal the performers' setting: a green roof in an unnamed city.

The track's lyrics speak volumes to the destructive potential of self-consciousness on both an individual and societal level. I don't often write about records featured in the "now playing" shelf on this blog, but for this track, I've made an exception.
This is a song about somebody else
So don't worry yourself, worry yourself
Devil's right there right there in the details
And you don't wanna hurt yourself, hurt yourself