Treasure Fingers and BOSCO hash out "Names"

With a name like Treasure Fingers, Atlanta's Ashley Jones was simply asking for quizzically-raised brows, even with undying support from Fool's Gold and the label's spotless record. Since 2008, he's been "ready to take over the world," but even his latest single with fellow Georgian BOSCO feels like a hidden gem.

Channeling a definitive A-Trak influence and a jungle chime eerily similar to this Flinch track from earlier this summer, Jones paves the deep-house base for BOSCO's airy verses and "Vogue"-esque choruses. Cue cowbell. Then, without warning, "Names" evolves into something dreamier and blues-ier at 3:45, but this final segment seems more like a brief teaser for the next track or TF x BOSCO collab.

While it segues nicely into the club remix of the same track on their three-song EP, I don't imagine they'd be listened to in order on the regular. So if the inconclusiveness of track no. 1 unsettles you, the brisker and bolder Taste Tester rework rounds itself (and the record) out with a pretty satisfactory ending. Comparison below; I like this for summer... still not sure about world takeover.