When there's a burning in your heart

2015.08.14 -- 2015.08.20 // one car, two planes, three provinces, four parts

I haven't written here this summer. I haven't been in Toronto since January 13, effectively missing NXNE, Fringe, and TIME Festival. Upon return, I left immediately to be a tourist.

i. prince edward island

We start small and grow towards a sort of synergy. The smallest of Canada's ten provinces and the birthplace of the vast nation, L'île-du-Prince-Édouard sported red sand, green gables, and the longest bridge to span ice-covered waters. Deep sea fishing, we somehow caught a jellyfish -- Squishy and every cod we caught were released back into the ocean.

On the third day, we jumped on another boat. A larger one, car in stow, Nova Scotia-bound. Munit haec et altera vincit. At this rate, the seven seas shall surely Horcrux me.

ii. nova scotia

We caught sunset in Sydney, after coasting several hours not to Ryan Hemsworth but Acadian folk music (think The Trews, Wintersleep, Joel Plaskett). We drove the Cabot Trail around Cape Breton, counterclockwise back towards the centre of the province. The ocean in the Maritimes is shallow for a good thousand feet before the ocean floor drops suddenly. Unlike the west coast, the tides are calm. A midday dip and a lobster feast and an evening hike later, we turned in(n) on the shores of Bras d'Or Lake.

A two day reprieve was warmly welcomed and warmly spent among Haligonians before continuing on. In the Halifax harbour was a Play Me piano.

iii. new brunswick

On the last day, we came full circle. We waxed, waned, peaked, and flowed back out into the ocean. We retreated inland towards smaller, more familiar bodies -- waters you could lap. Waters significantly less salty. We built and burned bridges, and we stood on wooden rafts beneath them. Naturally, the sun was on our side -- the sun is on all sides.

I struggled to find Toronto's iconic CN tower in this next frame; a smooth descent otherwise.

iv. ontario

... la fin est le début