the 100th song and predictive truth

Remember that interview I was cramming for that other weekend? Well, I signed onto the team this morning. I knew I was going to write this post the day I signed for it. Despite no guarantee of success in the ensuing four interview rounds, I knew that it would set forth both a new routine and a new city.

I won't let you in on every past double intent, because then I'd be too easy, but by the third "day" (or 2017.09.14 in Gregorian, per this 22nd "day" summary), a pattern had emerged in entry frequency. It was also on that third "day," that I heard James Maloney's Gaslight for the first time and finished my very last job interview (for the time being, at least). The unfolding pattern was too strong to resist, and so I followed it, con brio, until the 21st "day" -- the last of yesterday's five hasty 23-line entries.

Which brings us to today's revelation, that a Gaslight track would be track no. 100 on the 22nd "day."

But I don't think things are meta enough yet. Later on that third "day," I also knew "Blink" would be the 100th song. Apparently, it didn't take me long since the first "day" (or 2017.09.05 in Gregorian) to determine that. But humans, we're just sophisticated machines. Three Gregorian days before the third "day," I had been inspired by a commercial event and the rapidly deteriorating glass camera of my trusty Android camera lens to finally convert to a dusty iPhone I'd received as a holiday gift in 2016.

And as goes tradition, any change of device would compel a new custom, subtly-selected ringtone.

If you've guessed correctly, there's very little force in #voodooisms. I don't try to predict the future, nor do I really "summarize" the past. There are songs on the list that have been in heavy rotation and songs that stuck after a single play. But every title, lyric, or musical motif triggers a vivid memory...

My ringtones, the conditioned triggers that they are, always make it into #voodooisms. (Sometimes lyrics distract.) Overall, I'm pretty happy with the overhead metaphor "Blink" provides and the piano melodies foreshadowed by my very personal track no. 25 / "day" 20 yet also reminiscent of Dario Marianelli's string-based "Attraversiamo" (sorry, James). And overall, I'm pretty happy with how this month and my documentation of #voodooisms turned out, if the writing was a tad rushed and sloppy.

With every double intent, it's the most brutally honest I've been on a page. I trust you to understand, no matter how hurt or accusatory a passage feels, it's strictly a documentation of the past without any present intent of blame. If it still doesn't make much sense, thank god, because then I'd be too easy.

Here's easy: September was fun. I wrote 21 poems (if you will). I acted on camera for a professional filmmaker for the first time (music video to come). I landed four jobs (in four hilariously different fields). I chose one (direction to grow in now). And I reconnected with friends (whom I hadn't seen in years).

If you ever wonder why your days become increasingly short as you age, it's because they are relative.

... and if everyone is looking west at wildcat peak, but you already know what that looks like, look east.