Stars Go Dim's "Love Gone Mad"

(from left to right: Michael Wittig, Joey Avalos, Lester Estelle, Chris Cleveland)
I’m a sucker for hockey anthems- the driving beats, heavy riffs, and fast tempos. (Not to mention the hockey.)

That was how I came to know Pillar, one of the most successful Christian music ensembles. I’ve played “For the Love of the Game” more than “Boom Boom Pow”, and their cover of “Sunday Bloody Sunday” is “bloody” fantastic.

There was no question in checking out their project, when I heard about it from their bassist. At first I was disappointed, “Come Around” was soft, sweet (and can I say, wimpy?) next to the hard rock they were putting out. About to give up on their EP, “Crazy” began to play. The track was once again, soft, cheesy, but one of the most beautifully written I’d heard.

Pillar has seen many lineup changes, but when Kalel and Lester left, I truly thought they were over. Confessions proved me wrong, but my attention had completely shifted onto Stars Go Dim, also consisting of former touring guitarist Joey Avalos and new vocalist Chris Cleveland. They followed their EP with a full-length release, receiving considerable attention and a steadily accumulating fanbase.

After some local touring, the band ultimately decided to distribute Love Gone Mad free. The street team was put to action, promoting them. (download the album at their site)

Tracks I recommend:

“Get Over It”: The lead single begins with a solid drumbeat and a powerful bass line. I love when the electric bass is utilized as an instrument, and not just an anchor.

“Love Gone Mad”: The piano intro is stunning. That Hedley’s “Perfect” stuff stands no chance against Cleveland’s smooth vocals.

“Crazy”: At the time, I was listening to a lot of Vertical Horizon and Matt Nathanson. If you like softer rock a la Lifehouse, you’ll probably be bought, like me.

“Walk On”: There’s a funk to this one, with a characteristic, addictive guitar riff.

The only catch to the download? If you like what you hear, please pass it on!