The Black Pacific's self-titled debut

Jim Lindberg's new band released their first full-length today. Unfortunately, it sounds an awful lot like Pennywise, lacks variety, and is half a fruit-by-the-foot away from being punk.

That being said, it is a solid rock album with driving guitar and more mature vocals. The lead single, "Living With Ghosts", was well-chosen and the track I'd be most inclined to buy from the album. The other members of the band are Alan Vega, Davey Latter, and Shaun Lopez (who has produced for Deftones).
(buy on iTunes/visit their site)

I might've considered getting this album, but the following release interests me more: yesterday saw the release of Thriving Ivory's Through Yourself & Back Again.

"Angels On The Moon" was the first song I heard by the band over two years ago upon their debut effort. Clayton Stroope's vocals were scratchy and uncomfortable, but after a few listens, his became one of the most beautiful voices I'd ever heard. The blend of natural harmony, honest lyrics, and vulnerability accompanied by Scott Jason on piano is heart-wrenching.

Having learned that single myself, I truly respect Jason as a composer. They are great live, and I recommend getting the full album, which includes an acoustic performance of their track "Moonlight".

(buy on iTunes/visit their site)