Last night was my first at the Molson Amphitheatre.
Arrival by GO Train was rather early, so there was some wandering about the lakefront and some french fries and onion rings involved before chatting up security at the gate.

I still don't like the design of the venue.
The stage isn't particularly deep, and the size of the pit is pretty dismal. Sound quality's alright, and it makes for a great effect... when the place is full.

Mastodon were the openers.
I was never too sure about them until tonight- they're live performers, definitely. I've always liked them as people, but now I'll look into getting some of their stuff. Their lighting and sound could've use some improvement, but I was up in the 400s, so it's hard to tell. I know that it was better later on in the night, though.

About 90% of the crowd was there for Deftones.
We went from 30% full to 100% standing in the stadium. It started raining a bit, then. Lots of love weed in the air, but Chino sure knows how to put on a show. "Prince" and "7 Words" were my favourites, and there was a tremendous rumble during "Change (In The House of Flies)".

Just proving my point about the crowd.
This was between sets, when the stage crew was about to take down Deftones' equipment. At this point we returned to our actual spots in the section, avoiding any possibility of conflict. The rain had ceased by now, and everyone either retreated to their wet seats or left to get more beer.

Alice In Chains actually put on a surprisingly good show.
I was there with my cousin, who eventually got hungry. We went out to get him a hot dog (which by the way, is ridiculously overpriced there) and ended up running back in, spilling ketchup when we heard the beginning of "Rooster". There were 3 encore songs. YouTube uploads are in progress.