Part One: Pandora

Emma bit her lip. She bit her tongue and gnawed at her nails. Fragments of sparkly blue nail polish dotted her teeth, but she couldn't stop. This was her last chance; the last chance to save or destroy. She'd been condemned to a blank room for the last 24 hours, and she hoped that the decision she was about to make was the right one. Finally piercing flesh and tasting blood, she placed the ball bearing over one of the canisters and released it.

Part Two: Panic

Emma swallowed. All she could taste was chloroform. "You'll be perfect, Tori, just wait till the others-" his voice was drowned by the sound of an engine. Corey? What was his name? The engine roared again, a result of the driver accelerating. Shit, I'm in a car. Corey? Is he driving? "Stop." No, he was beside her, holding her in a way that- wait. He gagged you, remember? He gagged me? The backseat smelled of socks. Fuck him.

Part Three: Panorama

She awoke shivering. The temperature drop was immediate and made her blinking rapid as gloved hands disrobed her. It was too cold to be a basement; she knew that, but all around her was white. At first, it seemed to be a trick of vision, but as her sight and sense of smell realigned, she realized where she was. And how long I must have been knocked out. In the distance were snow-capped mountains and the rocks were slicing into her bare feet. They didn't bring her here to die; it was too costly. Then again, the ice and snow would cover her body for decades.

When she was standing purple and clad only in her bra and panties, they led her in. Corey wasn't one the four me- no, one was a woman. Her hair looked unwashed for days, but she was too graceful to be one of the clumsy guys. What the shit? They'd opened a door- the type you'd find on a spaceship or some other sealed chamber- revealing a hall with a single black stripe painted on either wall. They ushered her into a single room at the end, and the woman wrapped her in a large white sheet. She had kind eyes, and Emma knew better than to resist when the men strapped her to a chair. Door open, she watched as they retreated back the down the hall and disappeared.