Pointless vibrations sending shock waves across the floor;
Are you here? Are you listening? Are you back? Are you forth?
Drop beats like breakdowns and everything I know not;
My voice is cracked, my ears are swollen, my eyes are shut.
Glass bullets shattering and clattering and scattering;
This is not heaven, only a cloud we're desperately clutching.

The Moderation Effect (October)

Fly me on a rocket to the moon
Where the hurricanes come far too soon
We'll create a place below the surface
Sanctuary for all the lost causes
They've never seen a place like this before
Quiet, wake and shut the closing door
The currents are moving far too fast
No telling until when or how long we'll last
We are one, we're the same six million
Multiplication at first is fascination
Before the worst hits the inconvene
Stitch the cuts together, piece by piece