"I can't believe it's only Wednesday"

Civil Twilight
Richard Wouters of Civil Twilight.
The Sound Academy ought to notify ticket winners earlier. Surprisingly, I'd won tickets to see Anberlin "tomorrow night", but by the time I saw the email, "tomorrow" was "today". With the show set to begin in 2 hours, there was only time to rush home and grab a camera before driving into the city.

Civil Twilight
Steven McKellar taking photos for us.
There was a lot of rain and considerable traffic, but we still managed to squeeze our way to the second row; I didn't know who the openers were at 7:30pm. Half an hour later to my delight, I had the privilege to hear Civil Twilight live. The band is from Cape Town, South Africa; a lighter indie rock with catchy hooks and a tremendous potential.

Crash Kings
Tony Beliveau of Crash Kings.
To be fair, all three bands were of equal brilliance to me. I was particularly impressed by Crash Kings, whom I'd previously known the most about. Later on, I tried to explain to Daddy how my ultimate goal is to be able to jump up and down while playing keyboard just like Mr. Beliveau. The other Beliveau was an inspiration as well; all bass players are for me.

Getting up close and personal with Stephen Christian.
Being center stage at the front has its benefits. Near the start of their set, my neighbours and I were awarded with the presence of the lead singer of Anberlin. I'm still at a loss to how he could've possibly stayed in that jean jacket and shirt throughout the concert. A remarkable night, to conclude.

Deon Rexroat of Anberlin.
All photos were taken by me (thus the mediocre digital quality); the full set can be found here.