The Black Eyed Peas are back

"The Time" will be the first single off The Beginning, which is set for a late November release.
The song is going to be officially released in 2weeks...but I put it out early on dipdive for all the black eyed peas fans...

I heard it this afternoon and honestly think it's one of their best tracks yet. They've taken the choppy, staccato vocal trend the right way. Unlike Katy Perry and Rihanna, the phrases are broken down after recording, giving it a smoother, cleaner, more electronic sound. The melodic themes borrow from the previous album, giving off a sense of familiarity.

I've never been a BEP fan, but they're one of those groups who can constantly churn out party hits without sounding like everyone else on the radio; this beat's definitely got me going. With this much anticipated album, they'll have us partying all winter.