"Slippin' Away" music video

Formerly: Tim Chaisson (solo)
Origin: Bear River, PEI, Canada
Genre: pop, folk, indie

From the land of green gables and red potatoes Maritime Canada, Tim Chaisson and Morning Fold is a folk pop quartet with obvious Celtic roots. They recently went on tour with a fellow East Coast act- The Trews.

Apart from being extremely talented, TCMF is able to deliver consistently outstanding live performances. There was not a member of the audience whom I talked to that did not enjoy their set, although many had no idea who they were. They have great acoustic sound and Chaisson livens it up with fiddle solos and piano accompaniments.

Unveiled on YouTube yesterday, the music video for "Slippin' Away" follows the story of a couple and their memories spent in their home. Simple and sweet, like the tune it reflects. Their latest album, Broken Hearted Beat, was released in 2009. Favourite track? "Take a Breath".

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