Building Happiness

one brick at a time; as they fell into place
so did our hearts; I was yours and you were mine
even through thick; when our homes were ripped
down and extermination was immediate... if not prior.

a dusty road walked; as our paths became one
so did our thoughts; my hand in yours and synchronized
although we'd none; when we had no place to go
to and no destination we knew of... time went on.

couple or few joints; as the horizon disappeared
so did our realizations; it was you and me and me and you
over and over again; when the mirror didn't continue
to repeat and repeat ourselves... shattering.

several months sober; as Texan tornadoes turned
so did our lives; our fears and hopes and dreams
became the memories; when southern rain came to wash
away and dilute all the mortar... from our hands.