There's a new BMTH record coming out

I don't care much for Bring Me The Horizon. I just frequently confuse the acronym with Bullet For My Valentine, at which I'll sit for a confused half hour, going B... F...

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The album art is appreciable and the album will feature new guitarist, Jona Weinhofen. The band does a good job of dropping heavy, continuous riffs, but unless you're particularly good at deciphering screaming, Oli Sykes might as well be speaking Swedish. Giving them another chance, I was once again disturbed with the video for "It Never Ends". No, unnecessary gore does not go well with my lunch.

Canadian electropop singer LIGHTS makes an appearance on "Crucify Me" and "Don't Go", which I believe to be the only two tracks I've heard in full. There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret. (an applaudable title lyric there) is scheduled for October 5th in North America.

(preorder on iTunes)
Meanwhile, We Are The Ocean is releasing a deluxe edition of their debut with four additional songs. Cutting Our Teeth was their first full album after a couple of very successful EPs.

While also employing scream techniques by vocalist Dan Brown, WATO better resembles Alexisonfire. Brown and Liam Cromby's vocals are mature sounding; there's none of that pop-punk-metal mix going on.